Thursday, July 24, 2014

Girl Camp!

Remember when I used to post EVERY day? And we could keep up to date on all our lovely adventures on a timely basis? Back when I had ONE child (or two little ones).....ahhh those were the days. I also had cleaner floors and abs back then, too. =)

So approximately thirty days ago, Carly went camping with a group of Girl Scouts from our town. We went to one of the Jewish Community Center camps in a nearby town - I love that in my area I have all the conveniences of super-suburbia right around me, and then it's a twenty mintue drive to the woods. So easy! The girls got to go swimming in a pool and a lake, go kayaking, go on this weird blue slide that they loved so much, and basically play around all evening on playgrounds and trails. It was very relaxing and so fun for them!


I got a chance to put my firemaking skillz to great use!

Our girls made this camp better than we left it by picking up an entire trashbag full of litter! We were all shocked at what people had just left on the ground....and the girls were so proud of the work they had done!

After dinner, they painted rocks (randomly SO much more fun than it sounds!) and then we slept in the day camp lunchroom. It should be noted that in the camp information I was given, this area was called a "conference center" and I therefore opted out of the recommended air mattress situation only to find that instead of your expected "conference center" flooring of carpet it was (dirty) tile. Whatever. I had Paul's USMC sleeping bag so I was warm and exhausted and I was the first one asleep. =)

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