Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Christmas 2013 and Cleveland!

We had the most wonderful Christmas! Here are six million pictures all in one post. =)

I love, love, love being room mom for the kids' classrooms. That's Bree's awesome gingerbread person on the left, and us making bird feeders in Carly's class on the right. So fun and messy!

Gingerbread houses! Carly chose to make hers like Graceland and we sort of got it. There IS a portico, but we'd need an extra set of windows on each side (plus shutters, hi) to make it truly authentic. She was okay with this version, though, and Bree's decorations were so enthusiastic and fun! 

Christmas Eve! Paul and the big girls made it into the sanctuary upstairs but my sister, Katie and I ended up in the crypt chapel in the basement with all the people who go to church twice a year....Katie was running around, I was battling a sinus was weird so we left. =)

Christmas Eve is one of my favorite nights of the whole year. We had our traditional meal with some new additions (lobster sliders will NOT be making the list next year!) and our old favorites. Katie ate about ten of those cucumber and smoked salmon things while she hung out with my sister!

Yay Christmas morning! That is white glitter on the fireplace that I am STILL finding every now and then.

My sweet, sweet big girls had a great morning. They were SO excited! The big gifts were the Furby Boom and, obviously the tablets! 


Christmas Day at the Fischers'! Carly and her cousin Trevor had fun playing their Kindles all afternoon. Carly's wearing her new outfit from us and her new cozy robe from Aunt Louise and Uncle Tony.

Then Yay! Cleveland! My sister and I drove from New Jersey, my brother and his family drove from Chicago and my mom flew in from Oklahoma. We rented a house in Cleveland close to the lake and it was really so so nice to hang out in that quiet week after Christmas. My sister in law (Bumblebeez, in the sidebar) took the most beautiful pictures and has them posted. I'm not in a lot of the photos because I was sick and miserable most of the time we were there. Sad me! Lucky for me, my mom was there and drove back with us to NJ...she flew out from Philly the next day so we got a bonus day with her, which was great (for me!).



Our casa decorated for the holidays! We got the most beautiful tree and Paul did such a good job with the outside of our's SO small, but he definitely made the most of it!

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