Sunday, November 17, 2013

This is What Delay Tactics Look Like =)

We had the most wonderful time last night celebrating Matt and Samantha's engagement. Paul's parents rented out a cute little restaurant near their house, and it was cute and perfect. We brought the big girls and let Katie stay home with the sitter, which was perfect. She was able to get to bed on time and we were able to enjoy ourselves more than we would have had we been fishing Katie out from under tables and out from under everyone's feet all night long. 

We drove separately so Paul could go play with his brothers afterward. The initial plan was he'd go out with them, then hang out at his parents' house in the morning and come home toward the afternoon....but...welllll it's 4:30 and he's still not here. I think he got distracted by football. He's going out of town tomorrow so his night will be a little busier than he had initially planned. I'm not going to pretend that I'm not sorely missing my hourlong solo grocery trip, and sort of dreading having my little helpers with me when we go in fifteen minutes...I mean, it's the grocery store, but still. Wegmans alone is practically a vacation. =)

The girls and I have had a nice day, though. They were a little sleepy this morning from our late night last night, but we went to Carly's swim, the littles and I stopped at the Gap for their Christmas PJs and a super cool cozy-looking scarf for me (yay!) then we all took 2 hour long lovely wonderful naps. Now the kiddos are playing out back of our house while I sit on the steps and we all enjoy this unexpectedly warm afternoon.

So I'm sure you've heard about our little adventure last night with the MLPD, right??? 3:30am and the guy bangs on my door and rings the doorbell a hundred times because my garage door was open? Then twenty questions to prove I actually live here and a really long involved story about the policeman's time in the Air Force to which I had no appropriate responses given that it was, you know, THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT, and also I was getting over the panic attack brought on by having a giant person in uniform banging on my door when Paul wasn't home. I had a bad moment or two when I really thought I'd have to excuse myself, but that eased off after a while once I realized Paul was hurt or in jail or something and there weren't any intruders in the house. There was no further sleep for me last night, but to be honest, I will sleep better going forward knowing these guys are driving around our hood (implications fully intended) to make sure all is well.

I'm procrastinating going to the store because Carly and Bree have been fighting ALL DAY and I'm just so not looking forward to the pain coming my way. I think I'm going to preload with a couple of Advil and hope we make it through. Pray for us!

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