Tuesday, November 26, 2013

School Feasts!

This week (today, actually) we had Harvest parties for both big girls' classes. Yesterday we went to Bree's class and read Stone Soup, then each kiddo got to pour in their contributed ingredients into those pots and we got to cook it at home. Bree was such a wonderful helper adding thyme and rosemary. She did so great! And all those veggies made three enormous pots of soup that ended up going into this huge roaster oven that ended up weighing about 50 pounds when full!

Bree's feast was early in the morning and was totally absolutely adorable. The parents were all invited and most of them were able to come. See that huge roaster oven in the background? So perfect for this!
The kids performed a sweet little play. Bree was too shy to smile AND show me her headband.
Little girlfriends - love this.

Right after Bree's feast, I went upstairs to help out with Carly's feast! It was so fun! Again, the parents were so generous and the kids had a great time! I didn't get a good picture of it, but all the third grade classrooms were having their Thanksgiving Feasts today and there were festive tables set up all down the hallway. So wonderful! This is Carly's awesome teacher - absolutely the perfect fit for our girl. Then, Carly's most adorable turkey and pie. So love.

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