Saturday, October 19, 2013

Adios, Amigos!

This is a funny story about Bree.

Normally, I'd just put this on Facebook where I could share the hilarity, but honestly, I think that gets old after a while. Funny stuff happens in this house like every day, seriously, but here people have the option of enjoying it instead of having me pushing my genius comedienne children in their faces all the time.

Anyway, Bree loves to speak "ess-pan-yo." I think it's funny she pronounces that just like Carly did in kindergarten. Bree will ask me, several times a day, how to say simple phrases in Spanish - she doesn't have Spanish classes at school like Carly did, but for some reason, she's totally into it! Her favorite one lately is "Adios, Amigos!" and she says it to everyone from the checkout lady at Wegman's and the garbage collectors to the grocery delivery guy and the landscaping people.

THE LANDSCAPING PEOPLE who are, unfortunately, right within the stereotype. So she was outside the back of my house yelling ADIOS AMIGOS and waving at the crew of Latin American workers yesterday for at least ten minutes while I had the vacuum cleaner going.

I mean, I just....can't even. What do you even DO in a situation like that? What I did was just bring her inside and give her food and tried to hide my combination of laughter and cringing. =)

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