Saturday, September 07, 2013

Friday Fun Times

Friday morning a friend and I decided to take our kiddos out to Johnson's Farm for the morning. We were hoping to pick apples, but that didn't open until the weekend. We got some yummy peaches, nectarines and fresh corn on the cob, though! Then the kids had apple cider donuts and played in the playground was such an amazing, beautiful day to be outside! The little girl in the stripes is going to be in Bree's kindergarten class and Daisy troop (yay!) and she and her little brother (age 3) have a younger sister a few weeks older than Katie. That little baby was content to sit on her mama's lap for the hayride, though, while Katie preferred to run around yelling HI! at the ducks and goats.

The peaches were so beautiful! Katie thought so, too. She kept trying to eat the fallen ones off the ground - the squishy rotten ones - so I finally just picked a soft-ish one off the tree and let her eat that one...and then a nectarine. She loved them!

Right as I type this Katie is leaning on my arms shouting HI! at herself. =)

This is the one picture I got of Katie and her friend! Haha - the other little girl was so chill and content to hang out in her stroller or get carried. Not so my Katie. She's a chill baby, as far as my children go, but she's not one to sit in a stroller when there is exploring to do!

Going down the slide is her new favorite trick. 

THEN Friday night we went out to a Camden Riversharks game! It was such a beautiful night and we all had a wonderful time. As usual, I spent most of the game chasing Katie around the stadium while she made friends with everyone and startled a few people since she's really into yelling HI! (clearly, since this is the third time I've mentioned it in one post...). A few times she managed to lean right in between a couple of people and say HIIII!!! really loud- that was hysterical, actually, as was the part where she stood outside the t-shirt shop and yelled greetings to the tall silver mannequin for about three minutes straight until the security guard was laughing so hard he had to sit down. =)

The Philadelphia skyline! I love it so much!

My view for most of the game - but I loved it. She's at our favorite age right now =)

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