Monday, September 23, 2013

Dinner Plans

Super FUN week ahead.

I'm posting this, not because I think you care, but just to see how much of it really gets accomplished. =)

Friday we had a GREAT time celebrating my sister-in-law's parents' 30th anniversary. We were in a beautiful party room on top of a great chic hotel right in downtown Philadelphia. The room was right next to a rooftop bar and the scene was hopping - everyone was having a blast. Regardless of the steep penalty I paid the ENTIRE next day, I will still stand by my statement that every marriage needs those little booster shots every now and then - our kids were safe at home and we just went out like US. Not as parents, not as Paul's-really-at-work-and-the-speaker-sucks (aka USMC ball), but as two people who just like to be around one another because we're extremely fun. I mean, at least that is our mutual opinion, whether or not anyone else agrees....that I can't say. =)

So I used Saturday to anchor the couch to the ground and Sunday to catch up on all the week-endy stuff. You would think that during the week I would do all of the housekeeping things, but the truth is, some stuff just happens better on the weekend. Like laundry. And making twenty sandwiches to stick in the freezer for the girls' lunches (this saves SO MUCH time in the mornings!).

The big girls are off on the bus and Katie is sitting on my lap reading Goodnight Moon to us - she's singing it to me, using babbling adorable words and my intonation. (Next time you read that book, see if you're singing it, too! It's so soothing.) We're watching the news and getting ready to head to the gym. 

This week we're finally going to finish furnishing our house. (Yay severance!) (Yay Paul getting promoted on his LAST day in the USMC!)

/This week Katie has two playdates and Carly has one.

This week I'm volunteering at the girls' school and making posters for the Daisy troop.

This week I'm beginning to swallow my pride and deal with the Brownie leaders who are THE EXACT OPPOSITE OF ME. I'm going to apologize in advance for as much as you're going to hear about this.

This week we're having the following meals:
           Monday: Crockpot Mexican chicken freezer meal over mixed grains with black beans
           Tuesday: Leftover chicken stuff over nachos (Bree's favorite) with cauliflower
           Wednesday: Thai Basil beef over brown rice with ginger roasted carrots
           Thursday: Kid-made pizzas with roasted cauliflower and salad
           Friday: BFD: frittata and breakfast sausage, smoothies, etc.


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