Sunday, June 09, 2013

Pics From a Busy Weekend

Is it Sunday? I think it's Sunday. We are, officially and completely, ON VACATION.
So what if our beach condo is about half a mile from our old house? None of our household stuff is here, the beach is two hundred yards to my right and we had Pirate's Booty and fresh peaches for dinner. And ice cream sandwiches. Now we're about to watch some basketball game (or whatever) and I fully intend to put on a Netflix movie for Carly and Bree in their room while I go watch the that one apocalyptic alien show, which begins at 9pm. (that's right - they're going to watch a movie beginning at 9pm). 

We're all a little sunburned, and a little tired, a little sandy, and this is awesome.

We spent Friday night at the BOQ (Bachelor Officer Quarters - like a REALLY cheap hotel for officers on the base. It's usually used by service members who are on temporary orders or who are waiting for housing. It was $46 for a two room suite with a kitchenette! Holla!) and in the morning, we let Katie play with her most favoritest toy in the whole world: a new box of tissues. It kept her happy and occupied for at least an hour - which was good because my chickens decided that 5:30am was an appropriate time for waking up.

Katie then slept through Bree's entire last teeball game, after which we had a picnic and let the kids play at the cool playground in that complex. Carly - being sneaky on the twirly slide, and Katie practicing her new climbing-giving-Mommy-heart-attacks skills. =)

We checked into our condo at 3. Katie and I went to the store for supplies after we got all settled. I washed all the blankets in the house (because, ew), then this morning we were up at the crack again, but this time I made pancakes (Carly had 10!), loaded the cooler with Gatorades and granola bars and we headed to the beach at 8:30. It was overcast and breezy, so the humidity wasn't too uncomfortable. Paul and Katie came back around 11 for her nap and his study time, and the big girls and I came back closer to 2. While Carly slept the afternoon away, the littles hung out with me on our big rickety kind of terrifying deck eating cheesy poofs and waving to the people in the public parking lot right over that fence right there.
At some point, we moved the party inside so Katie could roll around on the floor and be hilarious. She really spent most of the day crawling in and out of the open sliding glass door.
Bree was my little sidekick today. We took a walk around the condo complex (there are four buildings named after British Queens...we're in "Elizabeth" huh) and checked out all the gardens that make up the interior courtyards of each of the buildings. We met this guy who was in charge of the lovely garden in his building. He's from New Jersey, so funny, and he was showing us his favorite lily. And then we saw these lovely globe hydrangeas - soooo pretty!

Okay, that is all for this report from the beach!
Tomorrow will be more of the same! Cool and relaxing with the kind of adventures that don't require a car.

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