Friday, June 07, 2013

Brownie Blitz

As promised, pictures from our Brownie Blitz last weekend. These are mostly for Carly, but you can look at them too. We started out with a pool party/pizza party. It was SO fun! Check out my rad decorations! =)
 We came back to the house and before we got started all my sweet, sweet girls presented me with a scrapbook they'd gotten together to make (in secret!) the week before. I don't have the words to adequately explain how much that meant to me. Gosh, I just loved being a Brownie leader for these kids.
Puppy pile on my lap! Carly got up to go to the bathroom and someone stole her spot! You can see her funny pout - this is right before she wriggled back in to her place on my knee.

Believe it or not, these crazies (for the most part, anyway) went to sleep pretty quick! It helped that I was reading a book out loud in a boring monotone. Two of my girls had never been to a sleepover before in their lives so it took them a little longer to drop off, but still! No tears and no 1am pickup from mom - they did awesome for their first time sleeping over. Blogger and I are having difficulties (what else is new...) so I'll just tell you that below this photo are pictures from our final meeting on Sunday. The kids did great - it was very sweet and they practiced hard, so the ceremony and skit went off without a hitch. So super proud of them! (As a side note, I need lipstick.)

Above is their final friendship circle. That's the one where you cross right arm over left arm and squeeze the hand of the person next to you. It's in silence and I told the girls before that this moment was just for them because it was their last moment as this particular troop. When the squeeze had gone all the way around, they turned under their arms and their new leader told them to "Fly away!" and they all ran to their parents to end the meeting. It was beautiful.

Here are a few of the things our hardworking explorers did this year!
The stars list the family values from each girl, then our team agreement, then the Elf from the Brownie Quest in the fall, all above the pumpkin patch mural the girls painted in October for the Painter badge.

Then a couple of our self-portraits flanking mini book reports from when we read this STACK of books learning how to find clues for changing stories for the better, and a few of our paper 'bento boxes' both from the World of Girls Journey.
More full-size selfies! It doesn't show up very well in this picture, but we traced the girls early in October, then traced them again right before the final meeting to see how much they'd grown. It was pretty cool to see, but it would be REALLY neat with baby Daisies on their very first meeting to the meeting two years later when they bridge to Brownies. Totally doing that with Bree's troop next year, even if I'm just a volunteer helper mom and not the leader. =)
Carly's loaded down vest - she earned the cookie activity pin, Brownie safety award (not shown because it keeps falling off...), Snacks, Girl Scout Way, Potter, My Senses and Me, Home Scientist, First Aid, Fair Play, Money Manager, World Thinking Day, Celebrating Community, Dancer, Painter, Inventor, My Family Story and Bugs badges....not to mention the entire Brownie Quest and World of Girls Journeys. Whew! They are every bit as fun as they sound, too - she had a blast earning all that stuff and learning new things, and that's what it's all about. =)

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