Saturday, May 25, 2013

Katie's Big Exciting Week... recorded in my phone. There are tons of pictures on my big camera, too, but here are some to start.

First, with leftover supplies from Carly's day camp on the 18th...after her recital...Katie enjoyed her first S'mores. She loved it so!
The next day we went to the beach and Baby needed a nap so Grammy took her home. We played on the beach for a long time and came home to find them just like this! SO cozy!

Brainy baby reading while we took our long walk yesterday.
This morning dawned cool and breezy so we scrapped our plans for a beach playdate and went to pick more strawberries! Katie kept stealing them from the bucket I was holding so I finally just set her down and let her go after it. This farm doesn't use any chemicals so other than a few dust she just ate berries...lots and lots and lots of them. =)

Whoops! Out of order but those blue eyes sneaking a peek and wondering why we were stopped =)

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