Monday, March 18, 2013


I don't know if all parents feel this way, but milestones are super sad for me. I mean, I get really excited for whomever just learned how to do whatever, or grew however much, or lost or gained this or that...but every one of those things seems like a step away. I'm lucky they're still little enough that it doesn't take too much to reel them back in for now, but it still stinks.

Carly lost her second tooth today - pulled it out herself right before we left for softball practice. She was standing there looking just like a Norman Rockwell painting, I'm telling you: pigtails, bat bag over her shoulder, muddy cleats getting dirt all over the floor I just mopped, great big holey grin, and a tooth in her hand. On the way to the field she was telling me she wants to dress up like a paleontologist for career day, but she had her tongue stuck in the new hole in her mouth, so the words came out more like "paid ee auto digest."

I wonder if I can pull something like this off by Friday...

Maybe? It might be a bit of a stretch...

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