Saturday, September 08, 2012


Our neighborhood pool is still open - and we've been spending a lot of time there! Now that Katie is big enough to fit in her floatie without me holding her up, my arms are free to throw Carly and Bree all over the pool which they LOVE. =) Sweet Carly's thumb.

All along the coast of North Carolina are a network of aquariums. We'd only ever been to the one near our house, so we drove a couple of hours to the one near Fort Fisher (just south of Wilmington) before our fun Whole Foods trip for our big cooking day. They were both too distracted by wildlife to look at the camera!

They have a super cool "challenge" playground where we spent a good bit of time enjoying a nice cool ocean breeze.

Sweet, sweet, sweet baby. In this picture her eyes look a little gray, which is the first step toward the inevitable (apparently) brown eyes...we'll see! Maybe all those little b's bouncing around our gene pool will have finally worked together for a blue-eyed girl...

Goofballs and the fake alligator! They are so crazy. =)

Tuesday night at soccer! This was when I dropped off Bree, ran to drop off Carly at swim, ran back to pick up Bree and ran back to the gym to pick up Carly. Thankfully I've been able to work something out with the gym so I don't have to do that again! It's insane being the only parent nearby and having your kids do a thousand things!

Sugarbutt fount her foot!
 And look how STRONG she's getting! This was the first time she really got her head all the way up and the look on her face was just priceless! She was amazed at everything she could see and just kept looking around until her head got too heavy to hold up anymore.


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