Saturday, August 18, 2012


When we were waiting for Bree to be born and Paul was working crazy hours at recruiting, Carly and I would take walks around our neighborhood in that weird time between dinner and baths. This neighborhood has a dock at one end of it, so we decided to try those walks again...yes it's over four years later. I am nothing if not consistent. =)

These two goofballs loved watching the Sound in the evening and since the water is only a couple of feet deep, I wasn't having too many heart attacks worrying someone would fall over the side.

Proof that I was actually in attendance. =)
Plus a little scale of Katie Claire's growth. She's such a chunky monkey.

Party pics! Haha, the next day at home with Katie. Carly sits next to Katie's carseat when we're driving, so Bree likes to make sure she's Katie's "house buddy" since Carly gets to be the "car buddy." Such loving sisters!!!

This afternoon we met some friends in Swansboro and ran around on the little stage for a while until it started's our newest funny face. Bree was letting Katie borrow her beloved Tiana doll.

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