Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Random Pics...Again =)

These are all iphone pictures because my 'good' camera, like my makeup, has been packed up in my car for the past week or so. =)

When MomMom and PopPop came in, we all went to Paul's favorite restaurant, Portofino for dinner. Carly and MomMom talked with Siri, while Bree and PopPop enjoyed their beverages. =)

Every night I take a belly picture, thinking, "oh hey this is my last night being pregnant! I should photograph it!" And then...nothing. The belly is getting slightly ridiculous, though...it's just so BIG, it's just, like, OUT there. =) Haha. It's still amazing to me that it can stick out that far and then go (more or less) back into place. I'm loving Carly's little framed photobomb down at the bottom. =)
As far as what the big sisters are up to today?
Bree spent several hours on the beach mixing up sand, jumping on waves and counting jellyfish.
And Carly took her fashionable self to first grade in this sweet dress from her Auntie Lisa. They recently started requiring that kids wear tennis shoes every day to school, which makes dressing a lot easier, even if it makes for some random outfits. =)

So that is all! I did have an appointment today and am not in labor. I am having some lovely crampies which I'm hoping turn into something significantly more painful, but we shall see. =)


KKGhoffman said...

No post today... I am hoping that means you are in labor or already had and baby girl :) Praying everyone is doing good

Sylvia - Mommy said...

Omg, the bellah!!! Lol so cute!