Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Having three kiddos means (or at least it has meant for us) that the days and nights don't really blur together, even if I'm up every ninety minutes three nights in a row supplying those squishy fat cheeks! Carly still has school and Bree is home with me...watching more Sesame Street than normal, it's true, but still the nursing and diaper changing and baby-snuggling haven't taken over our schedule like with Carly and even Bree.

Clearly, this baby is doing fine in the enthusiasm department. =)

We spent a lot of time hanging outside with Aunt Amanda because the weather was nice...Bree chose leftover peas and a juicebox for her snack...weirdo =)

Skyping with Daddy is easily the highlight of our day! I say that like it's something we do all the time but this morning is jus the 2nd day (but in a row!!! so great!) that he's been able to log on. It's soooo nice to see him - this was yesterday, when he saw Katie Claire not in a still picture for the first time. She was awake today and got to hear his voice. Love!

One thing that IS true (and is totally obvious in these photos) is that stuff gets everywhere! My poor house needs a couple of serious pickups each day - it's probably because we're all home and i spend much more time just hanging out. =)


Our Family of Four said...

See your belly is "snapping back". And the messy house just means there is lot's of love going on. So glad you have your friend Amanda there with you now and that Paul finally got to see his baby girl in action. I can't imagine the relief.

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Emily said...

You look TINY in these pics!