Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Katie Coming Home

This is my precious girl on her last morning in the hospital, around 7am when all the doctors and specialists starding making their discharge rounds. The cuteness!
Oops out of order photo from Thursday afternoon! Sweet sisters, though.
There was a Mother's Day tea at Carly's school that her MomMom went to since we weren't sure when we'd actually get sprung from the hospital. As it turned out, we were free to go about three hours before the tea, but it was logistically too complicated for us to get all the way back here, so Katie Claire and I hung out watching the news and reading Cosmo (oh what a rough life!) until our ride arrived!

Oooops out of order again! Clearly caring for three children has done nothing positive for my organizational or memory skillz.

OKAY! Back to Friday! I'm wearing the same shirt because I only packed for a 24 hour stay and we were there almost 48 due to being GBS positive. Carly was such a sweet helper with the carseat.
Then, at home, right before MomMom and PopPop escaped for a grownups only dinner!
The kids and I had a little dinner and then it was bath time! I still can't get over the fact that there are THREE of them!

WOW - everything is ASTONISHING out here!!!

Getting her first makeover from her big sisters after the bath.

My little Houdini breaking out of her swaddling within about five minutes!

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Emily said...

She is so beautiful, Liz! Great job, Mom! Praying for you here in TX!