Monday, May 28, 2012


First of all, what's crazy is that this was me a mere three weeks ago. It feels like we've had Katie Claire forever and it's hard to remember what it was like not having her around. That's probably the sleep deprivation right there, or the fact that she's been more or less attached to me for most of her time here on the outside. 

So the cuter portion of the contents of that gigantic belly spent this morning hanging out in the one little bitty patch of shade at our neighborhood pool. This, unfortunately, was her only peaceful nap of the day due to the fact that I had a big cup of coffee this morning in a misguided attempt to try and keep up with the big girls. Oh my word, SUPERFAIL. On all counts. Not only did I end up chasing enormous messes and repeating myself a majillion times all day but this tiny little baby was seriously irritated with life. We'll try again tomorrow and hopefully the new day will bring more of contended cozy Katie and less screamy yelly Katie. =)

On to happier subjects, guess who is tall enough to walk flat-footed in the shallow end with her whole face out of the water? Guess which mommy's summer just got significantly more relaxing??? Even though she's super tall I love that she is still hanging on to the little-kid roundness on her arms and little tornado is still chucking books on the floor upstairs an hour after bedtime but it's allll good. She will be picking them up tomorrow.

Carly couldn't believe her luck when we went to the pool right after breakfast. Usually we have to do a hundred things before we leave the house, but I was ready when they were and she spent two hours wearing herself out jumping in and out of the water and swimming all around with her neighborhood friends. My little fish!

We did talk to Paul for a tiny bit this afternoon. He was waiting for one of his platoons to get back from a patrol and I got to watch his face as we used the Skype messenger because the other two guys who share his room were asleep. I love seeing his face! It is a little bittersweet on a day like today that is a little more challenging than normal, but I'll take it!

Okay, well my mad baby just finally fell asleep and I still have a bunch of stuff to do before I can turn in for the night - gotta get a jump on Try Again Tuesday! It is remarkable to me how much better I feel when things are just right...that doesn't always happen but gosh it's so nice when it does.

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