Friday, May 25, 2012


Yes, I am reading that 50 Shades series. Yes, they are a totally fast read, made significantly faster by the fact that I'm skimming over all the bedroom stuff because it is really embarrassing to read, not to mention horribly repetitive AND, please, they are getting it on about three times a day as far as I can tell so I skip five or six pages of every twenty. The romance part is just lovely, but I could do without all the smoldering and the overuse of the words "wanton" and "hot."

Also, they're engaged after knowing one another for six weeks. What kind of crazy insane person would start talking about marriage after knowing a person for a month and a half???

(If you know me and remember or have heard about my whirlwind five-months-from-meeting-to-married courtship with a certain Capt. Fischer, you'll realize the above paragraph is a joke.)

Anyway, speaking of Capt. Fischer, he's doing fine and looks great. He's super duper busy but we get to use Skype pretty regularly. He called this morning and spent twenty minutes staring at our chubby perfect baby girl and he's going to call tomorrow morning to talk to Carly since he hasn't seen her in a couple of weeks. We are sooo lucky with his communication setup. Loving it!

Pictures tomorrow! Baby girl had her two-week checkup and she's weighing in at 9lb 6.5oz and she's grown 1.25 inches. This is probably because she eats every ninety minutes around the clock....which is giving me plenty of time with Mr. Grey and his lovely too-often undressed Ana.

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