Monday, March 19, 2012

Our Adventures...

It was a teacher workday, so Carly was out of school. I don't think Paul realized that until last night which made his leaving again at 4:30 am to hitch a ride to Virginia all that much MORE fun, I'm sure. Sorry for the stinky attitude.

Moving on, the weather was really nice! We had a little bit of rain in the afternoon, but it only lasted a few minutes, literally the exact span of time it took me to unload our loot from the obligatory every-other-month Sam's Club trip. I buy different stuff every time I go, so now we're stocked up on BandAids, toothpaste, razors and deodorant for the next six months in addition to enough produce and cheese products to sustain a small country. Yay =)

First, though, we hit up one of our favorite parks in Jacksonville. The girls dressed themselves this morning - clearly - and I thought it was funny that Bree was ready for church (with a bathing suit underneath) and Carly was ready for tennis eight hours early. I tried to tell her we don't normally tuck shirts into athletic shorts but she just shrugged and said she thought it looked cute. I was too proud of her tenacity (and, hi, it doesn't matter) to even discuss it further. She just got a high-five and we were out the door.

We stopped by the little Babies R Us to pick up a baby gift for a shower next month and I was so excited to find the glass bottles I wanted on sale, buy one get one. I did have to order these super cute protective sleeves separately, but even with all of that, I still came out waaaay ahead of my budget for this particular item. Super stoked! =)  To be honest, I was really surprised that anywhere in Jacksonville would have something as 'progressive' (oh, the irony) as glass bottles. There wasn't a huge selection but I didn't care because they had the ones I wanted. (And on sale!) Yay!

We did really short naps mostly because I needed a break from the crazy, then tennis (pictures tomorrow) graduation. Swim got put off for a day due to some pool heating issues. Now the girls are in bed...well, okay, they are "in bed" and as soon as I can get rid of those air quotes, I'm headed to my own bed to get rid of today as quickly as possible! This coming and going stuff is for the birds! It will be so nice to have him home tomorrow then not let him out of my sight again for thirty's hard to explain how this revolving door situation can, in a lot of ways, be more difficult than the actual deployment. Mostly it has to do with our constantly needing to readjust our schedule and never really being able to settle into a routine - that's rough on the kids and simply brutal to my patience levels. =)

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