Monday, January 23, 2012

Jumpies, Baking and Art...

I'm pretty sure we went to the jumpy place last Monday. PRETTY sure, but I can't really guarantee it. Either way, the girls had a blast as usual. Bree was especially awesome once she mastered the obstacle course entrance by herself. Happy kid! If you look carefully, you will notice she is also a well-accessorized kid, with pretty rings on each hand. Just don't look too closely at her outfit - she chose it herself and hasn't mastered the art of matching just yet. =)
We met the Jiabias there...this is one of the only pictures I got of Carly and Sophia, mostly because this was one of the only times I saw them the whole time we were there. =)
Okay, then flash forward past all the illness and we come to Friday. I don't know why this picture is so dim, but we made playdough. At least I think this was Friday...I'm pretty sure it was Friday. The girls LOVED that project!
Then we made zucchini bread which the girls love as long as I make sure to tell them it's cinnnamon bread.
Bree still wanted to help cook even though I was finished, so I let her stir up a little flour and water. She lives in her dressups and wears them almost all the time when we're home.
Okay! Now I know for SURE what day this happened, because it was today! Yay! Today is Monday and Carly is healthy but has a couple of days off for teacher workdays. Carly had a sleepover last night and was really excited from it, so we did a little art project to help the girls calm down before naps. It worked awesome and they each slept three hours, which gave me exactly enough time to do all the collating and accounting and reporting and ordering for Girl Scout cookies. Wahoo!!!

Here we are beginning our cactus project. You can see the puff paint bottles in the background - the recipe is on pinterest, but it's just flour, water, salt and paint.
Bree, getting bored with cacti, had fun painting. This is a (super)girl who loves her paint.
So the end result! What I love about these directed art projects is that they give plenty of latitude for an older kid who is more interested in the product and a younger one who is still fully in process mode. Bree asked for help with the puffy outlines and she loved sticking in the little cactus thorns.
Then we played Sorry! which was totally boring to Bree, but Carly loved it. She wanted a photo taken. =)
So we survived a week. Goals for next week include: all of us staying healthy, finishing cleaning out what will be the baby's room and doing a Barbie-and-Disney-Princess detox of our family library. Wish us luck!

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