Sunday, January 15, 2012

Hi, Kelly!

I'm all about multi-tasking today, so after the cute little Q&A I am shamelessly lifting off another military family's blog that linked up with Kelly last Friday for her Military Families linky party, you will see some spectacular shots of my dainty ladies enjoying their lunch.

*This would be a great place for an "irony font," but if you are one of the six or seven people who stop here regularly, the term "dainty ladies" in the same sentence as a meal probably tipped you off. =) Haha.*

I don't know if anyone will actually come visit from there, but if you did, hi! Sorry about the lack of a readable title. =)

So! Onto the questions...

How did you meet your husband?
I met Paul at this skeevy bar in Lawton, OK called...are you ready for this?...the Electric Cowboy. I know. They alternated between country and hard-core rap and had coin beer night a lot. I'd never been there before but I was visiting a friend from highschool and yada yada yada Paul and I ended up talking until the bar closed. He met me at church the next day, then we went to the local arts fair before I headed back to grad school in Waco and he headed back to artillery school in Lawton's neighboring Fort Sill. That was in May. We were married five and a half months later and the rest is history.

What is military life like?
It's just like I suspect most other people's married lives are like. You work, maybe raise kids, do taxes, buy a house, fix stuff, laugh about stuff, argue, make up, eat dinner, try to be better all the time...we just sometimes navigate those things over long distance and sometimes my husband's work takes place in unsafe locations (which, it should be noted, is also true of my friends and relatives who work on oil rigs, or are firemen or police officers, or who have jobs that require 100% travel, or who work 30on/30off schedules). We don't get the chance to take one another for granted, which is awesome, as are dress blues - can I get an AMEN?! - and those welcome-home-so-glad-you're-safe first kisses.

What does your husband do?
He blows stuff up in normal life, but right now his guys are doing different sorts of things.

Where have you been stationed?
 Camp Pendleton - beautiful and perfect, can't wait to get back.
 New Orleans - not nearly as fun to live there as you'd think, glad we only stayed six months.
 Baton Rouge - loved it! Made lifelong friends there and loved being near my family.
 Quantico - loved it!!! The DC area is SO FUN. There is no end of stuff to do and it's so pretty.
 Camp Lejeune, NC - our current location and, well...we live near the beach which is great in the summer and I'll leave it at that. =)

Do you complain about military life?
No! Stop laughing, I'm serious. I complain about some things that are a direct result of our life (such as certain characteristics of our current area that I've resolved not to mention in 2012), but my husband loves his job and he is great at it, we are provided for and have amazing friends and opportunities that have been afforded to us due to my husband's job moving us from place to place. We aren't ready to trade it in for predictability and guaranteed reasonable access to a Whole Foods and an art museum....yet.

And that about covers it, I think! =)

So, as

First, one of Carly so you can see what she's wearing...she was making her 'awkward' face...hilarious because she's started say "ohhhh AWKWARD" at inappropriate times, like if I forget her juicebox in her lunch or something. She's six, so I'm thinking mastery of the art of irony is a couple of years away.
And then, Bree. God bless this sweet girl and keep her ever awesome.

In addition to randomly loving cole slaw today, Bree was really digging the raw onions I put out for Paul. Her breath is LOVELY this afternoon, let me tell you. And do you see her shirt? This is why we do two loads of laundry a day. =)


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