Sunday, December 18, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree

It's hard to take a picture of a decorated Christmas tree, isn't it? Anyway, here it is! You can tell the places where curious little hands have done their own redecorating, but I still think it's cute. We don't really have a 'show' tree; it's just this big, awesome masterpiece. Haha! Paul is going to put the topper on today, but since he has to get the ladder in from the garage, it hasn't been done yet. My gosh, I stinking love this tree.
This is what Carly and Paul did during the tree decorating process: watch Elf and lie on the couch.
And this is what Bree did. She unpacked our snowman kit and she was playing with it behind the ottoman, so we really didn't see her until she stood up like THIS. I was on the stepladder and almost fell off. My favorite is how she's got the carrot actually IN her nose.
Church today was beautiful. Nobody does Advent like the Catholics.
The girls wanted to make their own lunch...I see lots of PBJ in our future during Christmas break.
And guess what we're doing this afternoon! It's GINGERBREAD HOUSE time!!!! Yay!!!
I decided to stop trying to get all our extra baking stuff in my already-overstuffed (and completely disorganized) baking cabinet and just throw it in this basket. This way, everything stays together and it's a great reminder of the fun stuff we have coming up on our Rad Christmas List.

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