Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Happy Halfway!

According to my doctor's office, I'm officially 20 weeks tomorrow. I can't believe this pregnancy is at it's halfway mark! It has flown by....well, after week 13 it flew by. Before then it dragged by with agonizing slowness, day by nauseated day. Honestly, the first trimester is no joke.

But now, here we are! We 'find out' on Thursday, so technically this post could have waited until then.

The quickness with which this pregnancy is passing is bittersweet. On the one hand, I cannot wait to meet this little one, but this is our last baby and the last time I'll get to feel these little kicks, and the last time in my life I'll be able to not worry about what my abs look like. It's a little bit brutal that Baby's arrival and Paul's deployment are so close; I just watched a friend go through this last month and it, like the first trimester, is no joke. Fortunately, I know six different people who have had babies while their husbands are away and they and their children all seemed to come through it okay, so I'm sure we'll be fine.

Anyway, how is everything going? Great! I copied this list from a blog somewhere that I've forgotten (sorry!!!) but I thought it was cute and pretty thorough:

Cravings: not as much now that my stomach has settled down. Mostly it's just stuff I liked before, like fruits and vegetables, popsicles, cinnamon anything, etc. Nothing gender-obvious like meat or citrus, I still don't love roasted vegetables or grilled meat, I probably won't ever eat broccoli again in my life ever, and too many sweets make me feel yucky. Oh right - sweets. The thing about sugar lasted maybe a week. My willpower sucks. See below.

Weeks: 20!

Clothes: Um, maternity stuff since about 11 weeks. See below again:

Sleep: when I can breathe, it's great. Crazy vivid dreams where I usually end up fighting someone over my children. Last night, for example, I got into a knife fight with a playground referee (it was a dream, so apparently playgrounds have officials) who didn't let Bree have her turn on the swings. I'm not normally a violent or even very confrontational person, so this was hilarious when I woke up. A knife fight? Really?! I should probably take up kickboxing before this apparently large strain of latent violence finds its way out during carpool or something.

Symptoms: Not too much. A few little twangs from the round ligaments but otherwise, I'm fat and happy (see above). I'm luckily escaping the acne that I had before and so far I'm not dealing with the horrible awful pelvic dysplasia.

Movement: LOTS and I love it. This is my favorite part of pregnancy other than the end result of course. Baby gets crazy after breakfast, which is fun and adorable.

Gender/Names: I'll tell ya Thursday and we haven't really talked about names. Don't be offended or shocked, but it's not unlikely that we'll keep the name situation under wraps until the birth certificate has been signed. We'll see. Paul has been prewarned that I'm not going to be super willing to give my kiddo a name that super duper common.

Okay speaking of sleep...we were, right? I need some. =)

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