Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Carly's Homework

Okay, quickly because it's awesome.

Backstory: Carly does extra work at home because when all she does is the work at her school, her 'spark' fades a little; she's less curious, less excited about learning new things, less engaged. It's sad but we won't get into it, mostly because we've found a solution, which is to provide her in-depth and challenging work at home after school.

Story-Story: One of her VERY favorite homework books and the one we save for last as a kind of dessert is her critical thinking book. Her worksheet today had her thinking about the differences between grownups and kids. And...

Funny Part: According to Carly, the hardest thing about being a grownup would be "working all the time and cleaning up after everybody a million times a day" and the best part about being a grownup would be "wearing shoes with high heels and nobody tells you when to go to bed."

Shoes with high heels! Who knew?
Love her.

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