Friday, December 23, 2011

Baking, Etc. aka How to NOT Decorate Ice Cream Cone Trees =)

This is one of the pictures Blogger wouldn't load from the Christmas tree stand. I love it! Carly's hair is five inches shorter now, though! =)
The next day...this is what happens if I send Bree upstairs to get dressed and I don't do a gate check on her way out. That is a hula skirt as a crown! She's so funny - here she's having a sad moment because she wasn't allowed to do something, probably climb the tree or jump on Frosty. =)
Tuesday or so, we got some of the decorations ready for our gingerbread houses. It's gingerbread HOUSE now, because I made one's walls too thin and it's all fallen down now. So here's what I learned, aside from how to roll dough to the correct melting chocolate does NOT work if you put gel food coloring in it! It got all gloppy and thick and so, much to my children's delight, had to be applied to the ice cream cone "trees" by hand. Holy mess, Batman...or, rather, Supergirl. =)
Despite the mess, I think they turned out really cool.
Carly requested a ninja gingerbread man in the yard of her house. How could I say no? =)
Then, this morning, our lovely children woke us up at 5:45 screaming at one another about whether or not Bree flushed the toiled (she did) when she came downstairs to go potty. Poor kids have to come all the way down here because the upstairs toilet overflows at the slightest provocation even though the maintenance man swears there's nothing wrong with it. File that under WHATEVER. Haha! So we were up EARLY to have a discussion about whether Bree's toileting habits are any of Carly's business (they aren't). That was fun. I was determined not to let it ruin our day so we redirected to cookies. I found this recipe on Pinterest and it was supposed to make melt in your mouth cookies...I think b/c I used unbleached flour they turned out a little more dense, but who cares! They're cute and fluffy and will be iced later on this morning. Yay!

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