Friday, November 18, 2011

Winning Piranha Hour...Today

We had a discussion about vegetables today and it made me think. I don't count white potatoes or sweet potatoes, beans, corn or peas as vegetables. Do you?

Michelle Flynn I know your answer. =)

My first thought was that veggies are the leaves of stuff. But then what about other roots, like carrots and beets? Totally veg in my mind. Even squash and  tomatoes...completely count those as veggies even though your nearest bean-counting friend will point out w/in about 2.5 nanoseconds that those things are fruits because of the preceding flowers. Yes, thank you, I know that. But I don't cook fruit with garlic and olive oil...therefore, these things live in the veggie category.

Ugh, I think this is probably totally boring, but I thought it was interesting. Our meals are usually two or three brightly colored plants and maybe a starch (pasta, rice, sweet potatoes, beans, corn, etc) and some kind of animal product. Lately it's been lots of fish because the organic chicken is usually out of stock and nobody out here carries happy beef....but plants are so yummy! Hahaha lately, I've been answering "I'm so HUNGRY what can I have" with "Plants!" It's amazing how much less hungry kids magically become when they realize that there aren't any snacky processed or sweet foods in play.

Yeah, that's completely boring. Let's do some pictures!

So you remember the other day when I was going nuts trying to figure out a way to keep my kids entertained and relatively happy during that crazy time before dinner? Today it was the Kidz channel on cable and open access to paints. Here's Bree taking a dance break - Rapunzel couldn't hang.
For those of you with neat houses - my apologies for this next picture. I know it's going to stress you out. If it makes you feel any better, it took about a minute to clean up thanks to that grocery bag and the fact that these are the super-washable Crayola paints. The girls had a blast watching the colors go down the shower drain.
Sorry for the horrible picture quality. This is after dinner - we had blueberries, can you tell?! Haha. With homeless hair - these kids get completely wrecked by the end of each day, that's how we know they had a successful day. =)
Bree! Rocking out with a fingreless glove and hairbrush microphone. =)

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Jennifer-Lynn said...


I guess I don't have a straight answer (shocker!). I'd say I rate those four foods as "somewhat" healthy; the following order is from least to most egregious:

sweet potatoes
"white" (or Yukon Gold, or red) taters

Meaning that given the rest of the meal, I'm okay with serving them in that order. Say I'm making arroz con pollo, as I often do. I put peppers, zucchini, tomatoes and other assorted items as available in there. Therefore, the inclusion of peas is okay with me. I have yet to make peas our main "veggie." Sweet potatoes sometimes go on top of shepherd's pie. Potatoes are NEVER a veggie, as they are lagniappe (we will have a protein and a green veggie, but sometimes no starch, which is what I consider taters) and we never eat corn unless we are having homemade corn chowder, which is also made with peppers and sometimes cauliflower. My kids have never had corn on the cob. So sue me.

The only time Alanna has ever had soda of any kind was after her accident, when she had ginger ale to keep her from vomiting from shock.

I'm not a food crazer, but some things just seem common sense to me.