Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Re: The Post Below, and Some Other Stuff

Okay, if you didn't notice that one piece of hair that refused to cooperate, don't go back and look. It is in every picture and it's so aggravating. Hahaha....it's a cowlick and no amount of hairspray can convince it to behave. Honestly. It's driving me nuts.

Moving on!

I had a  five minute appointment with my awesome midwife today. I'm not planning a natural water birth or anything like that - I'm nowhere near brave enough for all that pain - but I really like midwives. So anyway, I got confirmation that my newfound love of food is doing my fat butt no favors. I also got the official a-okay for all the Pilates and box jumps I've been doing since I rejoined the human race a couple of weeks ago. Apparently ab work doesn't hurt the baby so I can do corkscrews and planks to my little heart's content. Yay! She said it would be ok if I didn't gain any weight this next month because I did "such a great job of it" this month. "It" being gaining a thousand pounds. Funny lady.

Carly's school Thanksgiving play is in two hours  - I'm so excited. I'm going to take a video and post it when we get back from Philadelphia...where we're headed tonight. Paul is planning to drive us up there through the night after a battalion function. He got a Monster energy drink...and for a guy who doesn't eat that much sugar and rarely if ever has caffeine...well, he'll probably be awake until Christmas. =)  I plan on popping a couple pregnancy-friendly car sickness pills and sleeping the whole way, and hoping both girls pass out and sleep well for us. We should arrive right very early in the morning if we don't end up stopping somewhere.

Either way, wish us luck and I hope your Thanksgiving is fantastic!

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