Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Fair and Balanced

Here's another quick post about something entirely different. Just so nobody gets their nose out of joint that I brag too much or anything. Haha...not that I've EVER heard that before. ;)

Logical consequences look like this: if you wear tights without socks after being told to protect your tights, the tights get holes, they get thrown away, and you have no tights to wear to ballet.

Illogical consequences look like this: if you throw an EPIC freakout on the way home from school and throw your backpack into the road and yell and scream at your mom for five blocks, loud enough that people are looking out their windows to make sure you aren't being torn limb from limb by wild animals, you not only miss ballet, but you have to sit in your room until you have written "Don't Yell At Mommy" one hundred times. In your best handwriting.

Illogical consequences may not be perfect, but they're better than the wooden spoon. That's what I would have gotten, and Paul would have gotten a version of it. There are those who would say that had the wooden spoon been an active participant in my child's upbringing, we might have been able to avoid such horrible, atrocious meltdowns as the one that was witnessed today, but I doubt it. Stubbornness, tiredness and being-sixness probably have more to do with it than anything else.

UGH but it was aw-ful. Plus I need to go to the grocery store since our refrigerator still freezes everything and we have to buy produce on a day-to-day basis....

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Our Family of Four said...

See now I wouldn't call that illogical I would call it restrained. I have a feeling my instinct would have been to rip her limb from limb so kudos to you that she is still alive. AND the writing 100x is awesome. I'm thinking she'll think twice before flipping out on you again. BTW did you retieve the backpack? I mean really it is SO cute and um, not exactly cheap!