Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Spring Break 2011!!! Monday

I had planned to go visit my Grandad for spring break and to be honest with you I'm still pouting about not going (a little)...anyway, the girls were sad about it, too, especially when we learned that Paul was actually NOT getting all this extra time off that he had been told to expect. Bummer! We don't stay sad for long here in the Fischer house, though, so we got right to the work of having an awesome time!!!
Bree kicked things off in style with our daily dance party.
Then we took Kenzie (not shown b/c I was holding her) on a little walk. The big girls jumped like frogs for a
little while - so cute! The morning was unbelievably beautiful.
Right after Kenzie went home, our friends Christopher and Stella came over to have lunch with us! Then Bree practiced her catching and Carly rode around on Bree's tiny little tricycle that seems to be impossible for a child of any size to comfortably operate.

Why yes, that IS outfit #3 for Bree...we should probably take out stock in Tide detergent for the amount of laundry we do. =) Anyway, we found a toad. Bree kept leaning over it and laughing as the poor thing tried desperately to hop away. See how the sweet girl is sitting on her hands to keep from trying to touch the toad? Such a good little listener (sometimes...).
In case you wanted to know what abject terror looks like on a toad...this is it.

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