Thursday, April 21, 2011

Awesome Hair and Super Heroes!!!

I sent Bree in the bathroom to clean her face - which she obviously did NOT do - and she did her hair instead. It's pretty amazing. Observe:

We went to the coolest birthday party last weekend! It was our neighbor Caleb's party - superhero themed and totally cute. The kids were doing part of their "Superhero Training" in the main gym and had a fabulous time. Bree will definitely be doing gymnastics in North Carolina.
They had to complete their training to earn their capes! Capes which were personalized with each guest's initial and then decorated with cool fabric stickers.
Then each newly-minted super hero got his or her photo taken with these cute comic book words. Caleb's mom had a professional photographer snapping shots of everyone - the party was SO cute. There were personalized cookies with the Superman shield on them, "Hero" sandwiches, fruit kabobs with pineapple, strawberry and blueberry and a Super Caleb cake. It was all just so perfect and the kids had a BLAST.

In Other News:

  • We have not yet found a house in North Carolina. We are hoping that one comes up soon because the uncertainty is driving me will probably remember this from when we moved here...and when we moved to Baton Rouge...and when we moved to New Orleans. I try not to talk about it as much because I'm sure it will continue to be an issue as long as a) we are moving and b) the kids are in school and c) there are no viable private school options that would allow us to live on base. I am absolutely NOT touching the DoD school thing again, not ever.
  • It's almost Easter!!! Carly is breaking my heart every day about it. She has a very tender heart and she is really caught up in what Jesus had to go through, not necessarily what it means for her. All the kids in her class wrote letters to Jesus, as part of learning how to pray. Everyone else was like "Thank you for what you did for me" and my painfully sweet girl wrote "I wish they didn't treat you bad. I wish they didn't haing you on the cross." Ahhhh Catholic School! It's too much!
  • That is really it. Paul will be home tomorrow night - can't wait! - and we'll see what we're going to do. Carly has spring break and we had had plans to do some family visiting, but what with the housing situation, I don't know what's going on. =)


McCoyFamily said...

Love your lil superheros! Hope you guys find a home soon!!!

The Warren Family said...

lol LOVE the hair :)