Sunday, March 27, 2011

Yarnie Art

"We" made this awesome yarn octopus yesterday. I'll take a photo once it comes out of hiding due to an unexpected amount of conflict over whether it is a boy or a girl. Carly named it Crystal, after the lady who is making her baptism cake, and Bree keeps calling Crystal The Octopus a boy. Carly freaks out. Bree freaks out back, rinse and repeat. Not fun, and especially not fun at 5:45am. SO, Crystal the Octopus is away for now at least until I can make another one. Excuse me, until WE can make another one! Haha.

Anyway, CtO involved a lot of trimming and we had this big pile of yarn scraps Carly decided to call Yarnies. After bowling (see below!) we made some Yarnie Art. Bree made a cool design and Carly made a unicorn. Totally fun!

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