Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I'm waiting for a quiz to load...I'm testing myself as I re-read through this Personal Finance book because after missing the test by one lousy question last time, I fully intend to go back in there and kill it. My pride demands nothing less. =)

So while I wait (it still hasn't loaded...could be because Paul left Every Application Known To Humankind open on the laptop) there are a few questions I'm wondering about.

1) Why do I always get the computer second? Like, if Paul has six hours of homework, why do I have to wait until midnight to tackle mine? It can't be because I don't have a job, because I have like sixteen this year. Weird.

2) Did you know that in some households they have more than one working computer? And some people even have phones that can go on the internet? SO CRAZY! I hear we've even landed on the moon.

3) I've been so intrigued by this whole protest thing they had going on near my house last weekend. I was looking at the pictures the protestors posted and reading some of their commentary and the difference between what they say and what the ("corrupted media elite") say are night and day. I wonder, is it a matter of perception? And why aren't those people ever satisfied?

4) Anyone know what's going on in my car that my sunshiney sweet five-year old will run beaming across the parking lot to give me a giant hug but once we actually enter the vehicle she is nothing but complaints and trying to harrass her sister?

5) Why is it that one child doesn't tolerate wheat products and another doesn't tolerate milk? (And when I say 'doesn't tolerate' I mean...it's so gross...). Is it possible that between their brown rice pasta, gluten free English muffins and almond milk they are actually helping me lose weight since I have no money leftover for actual food? (Only joking)

6) Did you know that Quaker oatmeal doesn't use strawberry pieces in their Strawberries and Cream oatmeal? No lie - it's APPLE that has been DYED. I was reading the label today and told Carly and she was every bit as appalled as I was, but in this awesome five-year old version. All horrified, she goes, "MOM! That is LYING. It isn't strawberry oatmeal at all...why would they DO that?" Why indeed, Carly. Why indeed.  =)

7) I'm not sure what to think about the part where Bree woke up crying and I went into her room to find her standing on her bed, very confused about her covers. I fixed her up and then she said I needed to leave her room and she wanted Daddy or Carly or somebody else. I'm like, okay you're welcome??? Seriously!

Okay the quiz has now loaded. Let me tell you, these questions are no joke. And then to think that I might one day have to explain to someone what the rule of 78 is...all I know is that you can count months somehow, back from twelve and then you put a 78 in there somewhere and that gives you the penalty for paying off an add-on loan early. An add-on loan is where the interest is tied to the number of months and the total amount and isn't like a regular loan or cc where you're only billed for what you owe each month. It's terribly complicated for this time of night....but I missed the critical 6:30pm window. When I should have been diving for the computer I was feeding children. =)

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Our Family of Four said...

Girl if I could I send you a nice pink laptop all for yourself that Paul, if he is anything like my husband, would NEVER touch simply because of the color!

And did you by chance figure out the deal with savings bonds?