Monday, March 08, 2010

Weekend Fun

Saturday, after we went to the farmer's market, Target and the gym, we went to celebrate Avery's second birthday. The Fischers were shamefully late because we got lost, but once we (finally!) got there, Carly and Bree had a fabulous time. Carly bounced the whole time we were there and then coughed and coughed until Paul and I realized what was happening (plants are starting to bloom + jumping outside for two hours + sensitive airways = coughing and wheezing!) and we gave her her inhaler...after that she was fine and slept well.

Avery's playhouse is awesome! It was a big hit with the smaller kids. Bree opened the door, walked out, shut the door, opened the door, walked in, shut the door...over and over. Heaven help any kid who wanted to interrupt that little pattern. =)

Then, our little miss fabulous looked through all the shoes outside the bouncy until she found the ones with the most jewels. Meanwhile, Carly had made friends with all the big girls and they were doing somersaults down the bouncy slide. Love them!

They just opened up a Louisiana Boilers place not too far from our house and went to get some crawfish. It's a seafood market that sells catfish, lump crab meat, boiled crawfish and all the stuff to go along with it. Bree is so funny - just waiting for some crawfish tails.

And then she was UNhappy that it was Carly's turn.

Look at those big tears! Please pardon her nasty hair - we washed it before we went to the party and then she put her lotion hands all in her hair...THEN she put crawfish grease in her hair...this kid!

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Kalyn said...

hahahahaha.... I love that your girls like Crawfish. Paisley would look at you like you had 3 eyes if you expected her to eat it. :)