Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Water Wars

I know, she is in desperate need of a haircut. It was supposed to happen yesterday, but the weather was just too miserable to do anything more than we were already doing.

Such a happy face! We were having such fun until Bree got thirsty...

Lately, all Bree has been wanting to drink is juice, which is obviously not acceptable. So I cut her off until she gets used to drinking straight water. Clearly - she is NOT a fan of this situation:

Is this not just the most pathetic thing you have ever seen? So sad, Mommy!

Why would you do that to me?

Then she got mad and threw the treacherous sippy cup.
Three notes: 1) No, I still have not located the things that are supposed to be on those shelves, 2) I would NOT have taken this photo yesterday due to the state of my floors, and 3) Bree is at this moment on my lap pointing at this photo and saying "Caw-gee"...does this look like Carly?

Do I hear ELMO?

Distracted - and thirsty - enough to drink some rain juice (that term worked beautifully on Carly but not so much for Bree).

Happy again! I'm going to give it a full week before we introduce juice again and I'll have to make extra sure she doesn't get it at full strength. It's not fun being a mean mommy, but sometimes you have to do what you have to do. =)


Kalyn said...

it wouldn't let me post earlier- so:

Bree is looking so much more like you every day. I love it. However, on the other hand- she is looking so much like Carly too. I think it's cute that she thinks she looks like "Caw-wee" :)

Steph said...

eeekkk!!! Bree is so stinkin' cute I can't even stand it!!!!!