Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Pics Tomorrow =)

There are showers forecast for tomorrow afternoon, but it's $1 day at the zoo (our membership ran out!) and the zoo is on the schedule, so we're going to throw an umbrella in the car just in case, and hit the road after school anyway. We have another try at the library and a picnic afterward again in the morning...I love being busy!

But I need to remember to keep my (Paul's) camera with me. Monday we did SO much stuff, but got no pics. Today we went to the arboretum to ride bikes and then to tennis but got no pics...gr! So I made sure to put the camera in there when I got the car stuff ready for tomorrow. Never fear!

Okay, one quick story. This morning, Bree was in her highchair asking for oranges as usual and I gave her kiwis. She was saying "Ohhhweenge? Ohhhweenge? Pweesh????" and then when I put the kiwis on her tray she threw them on the ground and yelled "GWEE GWEE GWEE! No-no-no-no-no gweeeee" *big sob*

I don't like fits or demanding children or food on the ground, but I did think it was just a tiny bit awesome that my kiddo figured if oranges are orange than kiwis, which are green, must be "greens." It's so fun to watch little kids learning - they're just so fast! I was amazed by that all day.

So anyway, while she was crying big dramatic sobs with her head thrown back and her mouth wide open, I popped one of the 'greens' in her yelling mouth and she stopped throwing her fit and started laughing. Then it was "Gwee? Gwee? Gwee?" And that is good because another no-no in our house is picky eaters.

...haha says the mama who doesn't have a picky eater...I'm sure my annoying self-righteousness (what? I know it's true, we're all like that about something. It's better to just admit it.) about food issues would end in a big hurry if I happened to have a kid with strong opinions about food.

And no, throwing it on the ground because it's the wrong color doesn't count as a strong opinion. She was just working with limited information.

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Jo said...

I'm sending my picky eater to Fisch camp for a week, ha!