Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Easter Party in New Iberia

My Aunt Sarah and Uncle Dennis invited us to their church's annual Easter picnic. It was held at a church members' house with a beautiful lawn on the side of Spanish Lake. The weather was absolutely perfect and we had the most wonderful time.
We didn't come prepared for the Easter bonnet contest and since Bonnins thrive on any kind of competition, Aunt Sarah totally helped us out. Lilly got some fresh flowers and Aunt Sarah got some hot glue and some bendy bunnies and we tricked that hat OUT in about five minutes after church.

And she WON! We think the plastic Easter eggs might have had something to do with it. =)

The Easter egg hunt! Carly was a very sweet helper for her sister.

At the end of Bree's turn with the egg-on-a-spoon game she tried to eat the egg. Is anyone surprised? =)
Sprinkling Nerds in Daddy's hair. =)
Me and Lilly right before we totally smoked the three-legged race.
The race didn't work out nearly as well for Carly and her dad...which is probably due to the fact that his legs are just about as long as her entire body.
PSYCHO BUNNY. Oh my GOSH, have you seen a more terrifying costume? Once Carly heard the girl inside the costume talking and saw that she hugged Lilly (and Lilly survived), she was okay. Aunt Sarah told me that it didn't used to look so much like a serial killer, but the mesh eyes and mouth broke about ten years ago.
On the way home =) =) =)

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Morgan said...

One of my favorite restaurants in the whole-wide-world is in New Iberia! I've finally been catching up on the blogs. The girls have changed so much just in the two months that I wasn't reading. Bree is sure not a baby anymore. They are beautiful as always, though.