Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Just Another Manic Tuesday

I know, nobody cares unless there are photos. I promise - they're coming.

Paul's birthday was fun on Sunday. He has a big inspection at work today so that was on his mind a lot, and I know he'll be glad to have it behind him. We were talking about how he's the first Operations Officer out of this recruiting station to stay in the Marine Corps in a long time...the last seven guys who have had this job have gotten the heck out and gone on to brilliant and exciting careers as middle managers in regional sales firms. =) But don't you think it's just the tiniest bit ironic that the RECRUITING station job is responsible for people dropping out of the Marine Corps with such impressive regularity?

Speaking (sort of) of Paul's job, I have to tell you a funny story I was telling a friend of mine last night who was over doing some awesome projects with me. On the playground, the kids were getting into the My Dad Is Better contest and the one kid was like "My dad's a lawyer!" and the other kid was like, "Well, my dad's a doctor!" and the other kid was like "Well, MY dad is not just a doctor he's a surgery." (That's really what the kid said) and then Carly was like, "Well. MY dad blows up mountains." And that was the end of that.

Okay onto this insane day? Finally?

Right. First, Paul dumped half a jar of red pepper flakes on his eggs this morning so he was mad and hungry when he left for work. I made him chili and brought it to his office after I dropped Carly off at school. We needed to go see the doctor about Bree's caterpillar nose (gross and true, all at the same time) so we got an appointment and were home just long enough for me to take a shower and for Bree to completely empty most of the cabinets in the house and the laundry hampers. So we waited for an hour and a half in the lobby and for once I was glad our doctor shares space with so many others because Bree spent most of our waiting time charming the dentures off of all the old people there and trying to run on the elevators and climbing the stairs.

So finally, two hours after our scheduled appointment time, we find out that she actually does have a minor ear infection and got some antibiotics which is super because that means we can go play with our friends on Thursday. We came home just long enough for me to call the phone people again - they dropped me from my cell phone insurance, the jerks - and for Bree to pull every last book off of every last shelf before I dropped her at a friend's house and I went to go get Carly so we could go to the dentist.

Where we waited for forty-five minutes and then found out that we are both perfectly fine and cavity free. Carly got another lecture about sucking her thumb and then she got two bouncy balls and a new toothbrush.

We went back to pick up Bree and came home just long enough for me to get all of our stuff for tennis...this time I got smart and just left the kids in the car with their music on.

We had to return a pair of shoes before tennis which went fine and then when we got to the Y for PeeWee tennis we found out that they rescheduled the start date to two weeks from now because Louisiana revolves around Mardi Gras. The four other parents and I who had signed up before they decided the new start date were all sort of confused and our kids were all sad that they couldn't play. Carly sort of schlumped all the way back to the car practically dragging her face on the ground the whole time. She got a lot happier when she realized that she was wearing new awesome green sweatpants.

Which brings us up to now. Dinner is in the oven and will be ready in five minutes and I'm just crossing my fingers that Paul doesn't decide to surprise us and show up early because I think that reshelving books more than three times in one day is just too much to ask of one person and I fully intend to leave all as is until the Destructicon Sisters are unconscious, or at least contained. Carly is laying on her back on the couch with her head hanging off, complaining about how it's never her birthday and she wants to have balloons every day and Bree is standing at my knee holding the Target circular, pointing to the target and saying "GO! GO! GO!" Do I train them well, or what?

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Judy said...

I LOVE Carly's comment about what her Daddy does. Awesomeness.