Thursday, February 04, 2010


I have really strong opinions about immunizations. I believe that those of us with healthy children have a social and moral obligation to make sure our kids aren't going to go around infecting already-sick kids who can't be immunized with preventable deadly diseases like polio and measles.

I know other people have differing opinions about it, but this is one of the few instances where my general policy of "it works if it works for you" goes out the window. For example: lots of our friends have flexible bedtimes and cosleeping arrangements, either of which would make me want to jump in front of a moving train, but it works for them...and it only affects them. If you want to live on the top of a mountain and never bring your children around other kids, then do what you want, but we live in society and have obligations to that society.

I'm done yelling now. =)

What made me think of this was this morning when Paul was taking about half a cup of grapefruit seed oil and six or seven oregano oil tablets (his don't-get-sick regimen). He told me his head hurt and his gunny has the flu. As in the for real, got tested at the ER yesterday, chills, headache, fever of 104 H1N1 flu.

Against which both of my children and myself are immunized thankyouverymuch. =)


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yea all of Madisons class has the h1n1 flu right now!! Well except daughter and her friend the ONLY two that got the shot in the whole class of 13 kids!!! We even HAD the h1n1 right as the shot came out...and Abigail just got her 1st does nad is due for the 2nd VERY soon :) I made Colin get it too because he is traveling a lot and I cant take care of him if he gets sick while in AK! So U GO GIRL :) :)

The Warren Family said...

I agree. I'm not huge on popping a million pills and solving all the worlds problems with medication. I have a few friends that feel very strongly against immunizations. Which makes me piping mad. Because exactly as you stated, it doesn't just affect THEM. I get the flu thing because its different every year and the ingredients are questionable...blah blah whatever, but the staple immunizations given as children. It pisses me off that people are fighting it. If YOUR decision could possibly affect ME, than I feel I have every right to get mad about it.

Okay. Whew. I've never voiced that opinion in public. But I really just came on to say...I AGREE!!!!