Thursday, February 25, 2010

Facebook Replay

We're having a great morning here at the Fischer house. Everyone is up and dressed and fed and all the beds are's nice to have that stuff done and not be rushing around like crazy people to get out the door on time for school.

So I have time to tell you a story. Yay! =)

First you should know that every time Carly comes up with a new an annoying behavior - like her drama when she falls down, or the relatively small amount of talking back she does - he blames it on "those Communists" at her school. No, I'm not kidding and I'm not entirely sure whether he is or not. SO, every time she comes home with some new genius academic skill or some fascinating piece of knowledge - like how dogs and elephants and people are mammals! or Norf America is one of the seven condiments! - I make sure he knows alll about it.

So last night, when she started doing yoga poses for me, she did a triangle pose in front of the oven. This served two purposes: 1) It was directly in my way, which seems to be the life goal of my children and 2) It's the only reflective surface down low enough for her to check her form and try and figure out what kind of triangle she was making.

As in, "Mommy am I making a obtuse or a eek-teractadal triangle right now?" It was super cute because she didn't come out of the pose to ask, she just sort of turned her head around to see me.

This morning, Paul had Carly show him the triangle again and we all agreed that she's an equalateral. After he left Carly told me that Daddy can't do a triangle because he would break in two pieces (that's what I tell her would happen to me if I tried any of the skiiers and snowboarders aerial twists and flips.). That was SO funny, because Paul is the least flexible person in the world and he probably WOULD break in two pieces. =)

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The Warren Family said...

I LOVE hearing all your stories about the girls. I also always share them (or read them) to Mike! :)

It makes me excited about having kids :)