Friday, January 29, 2010

Party Previews

Did you know I like parties? I mean...have I ever mentioned that? Maybe in passing when I'm forcing you to have place settings WAY more elaborate than you ever would have chosen (Moms, Granny, anyone else who has ever had us over for a holiday meal), or when I'm trying to coerce you into getting huge balloons or using balloons at all for a birthday park playdate (Courtney, Brooke, Allison), or sending you enough pictures and links and photoshop layouts that I use up half the bandwidth in North America (Kalyn) or dragging your pregnant butt out the night before your shower when your "hostesses" have totally dropped the ball (Michelle C), or planning your shower three years before you even get pregnant (Steph)...yeah. Sorry!
This next photo is the inspiration for a sip-n-see coming up. At first I thought maybe red and white would be fun, but it's not cute. It looks too Christmasy and hearts are too girly. But THIS palette is totally cute, don't you think? Even w/o the turtle and doing little birdies instead.

And then the rest of these are some fun things I thought of for this summer. We will be in the middle of moving and will not have had time for my girls to make any friends by the time we'll be celebrating their birthdays, so it will probably be more of a family thing. How fun do THESE look?

Ga-ga-ga gorgeous. I I actually just realized yesterday when I cut into a gross mealy midwinter tomato - blech such a waste - that this summer we will have access to New Jersey tomatoes. I might be the only person in the world who gets excited about (everything) that kind of thing, but I do. And a caprese this fabulous deserves a perfect tomato.

There are so many more! In my searching for a cute doable direction for this shower we're throwing in a week or so I came across a lot of Etsy shops for people who, to be blunt, don't do it as well as I do. What? It's true. But, they're somehow getting PAID to not do it as well as I do, so who has room to talk? Here's a clue: it's not me. =)

Haha - anyway! I cannot wait for this shower. It's going to be awesome. Megan-the-duck-recipe-lady has these chess bars that she doesn't know she's bringing yet and I'm pretty excited about those. I also can't wait to get my hands on Megan-who-just-had-a-baby's baby. So fun!


Steph said...

okay - i haven't read all of this - but i had to laugh at our shower planning three years in advance...hehehe!!! :) AND - I love Jersey tomatoes and corn!!! Tony thinks I'm silly that I think the best tomatoes and corn come from Jersey...but I'm glad to know you agree with me!!! :)

Michelle said... are you changing all of your plans for Patrick? Girl, you better email me! Not that it matters to me...I just want the details! LOL! And, tell me what I need to do! :) :)

Our Family of Four said...

When I get my act together, maybe never (sorry that's the truth) I'll send you some photo's of the Baby Bee shower in black, yellow, white and a little blue mixed in for the boy. It came out soooo cute! Oh and the watermelon baby carriage I made/copied came out freaking adorable! But a watermelon cooler, now that's a new one- LOVE IT! I do, howeve, concede that you are Queen of the Party girl :o)