Monday, January 04, 2010

Lovely Afternoon

It started off with me and Bree taking a post-nap trip to Barnes and Noble to spend some giftcards. Paul's Christmas gift to me was this adorably thoughtful gift bag full of cards, for all the twelve days of Christmas, to all of my favorite places...the movies, Starbucks, Hobby Robby, the bookstore, Sephora, the pajama place, etc. And unlike the jelly of the month club, this really is a gift that just keeps on giving. I'm having the most fun with it.
Okay and I have been coveting THIS cookbook for a year and was so happy that with another gift from my brother-in-law, I was able to finally finally get it home with me. I've only read through the antipasta section but WOW it did not disappoint.

These apples are literally the size of her face. We read a couple of chapters out of Tom Sawyer before I flipped on Harry Potter for her. We spent such a nice hour or so while Bree slept.

Hi, my name is Carly and I'm 24.

Doesn't get a whole lot better than this view right here! =)


Maria said...

Hello, my name is Carly. I'm 24 and look just like my hot mom!

Kalyn said...

YEs- she TOTALLY looks 24 and JUST like you there!!!! I just love my little C-monster!!!