Tuesday, December 29, 2009


We're back. Our bags are not.

But that's okay because Santa brought a bike that Carly tentatively loves and will likely love more once she realizes she's not going to fall over. Santa also brought a sort of busted, wheels-falling-off Cozy Coupe for Bree who couldn't care less that it doesn't look like the picture on the box. Besides, we're fixing it in the next few days.

Also the dollhouse was a big hit, missing walls and all.

And it's not freezing here. And there is cold Coke Zero in the refrigerator. Welcome home, me. =)

Paul had to go get his hair cut, so I gave him a list* for the grocery store, so he decided that he would work out, too, since he was going out. I decided I like the peace and quiet of an empty house and two sleeping children - plus there are no bags to unpack - so I decided that would be an acceptable plan.

*The list is more like a series of short paragraphs. Where I would write "fruit" for myself, I had to write "5 organic apples, not all the same, pick the ones with yellow signs. 1 bunch regular bananas, with a little green and no spots." And "soup veggies" turned into a three chapter novel, starting with "4 organic loose carrots - in the corner, 1 bunch organic celery hearts - the ones in the rubber band NOT the bag"....I have to actually write out the "o-word" because he'll go by price if I don't and we're in serious food bootcamp mode right now. Pemichals are not an option (don't lecture me about the Coke Zero hypocrisy, I know I know I know).

Anyway, that's all there is. We'll catch up soon.


Morgan said...

Hey have you seen the 'Clean fifteen' and 'Dirty dozen' lists? It's pretty interesting.


I like it cus a lot of time I cannot get organics here. So I know what to buy. There is one WF on this whole island and it's as far away as something can get. The CSA and Farmers' Markets are totally underwhelming.

Oh and if I were to make out a shopping list, it would have to look JUST like that. I prefer to shop on my own.

Kalyn said...

hahahaha..... I love your list/essay. I can't even make a list for Tommy. He would say he looked at it- and still come home with the wrong stuff! ;) At least Paul reads it :) XOXOX

McCoyFamily said...

Welcome home Fisher family!!!