Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Literacy Training: You're doin' it right

The title is a reference to the LOL Cats, probably Carly's favorite website ever.
Okay now before I get five hundred emails and comments about it, yes, that is a Dora book. It's from Halloween and Bree loves to pat Dora's face. Maybe I'm a terrible mother because we're still not watching that show no matter how much Bree would love and adore it, but whatever. Like Carly says, "Dora is a nice girl but we don't watch that show because it is TOO LOUD."
Carly reads with such EMOTION! If you click the picture you can see her face...she was at the part where Trixie realizes that her Knuffle Bunny is missing. BIG GASP! Oh Noes! I love seeing these girls reading together, it's just so cute. =)

This picture was taken five minutes ago and now both girls are in the tunnel, and from the sound of it, Bree has Carly by the hair. Wait, sounds like the little one just got dumped out of the tunnel. I'm off to check for damages....


ADB said...

love it...maybe i should have carly come read it to my that book and her face...priceless!!! what a cute pic of the girls reading together :) they are getting so big! beeda misses you guys so much!!

Mommy said...

AWESOME! Great job, Mamma!