Friday, December 18, 2009

Double Dog Dare

At 4:30 I clean up the house. Usually it gets destroyed while I'm finishing dinner and I clean it up again after the girls go to bed and before Paul comes home from work. Today he came home in between clean-ups...and THIS is what he came home to. I know deep in my heart that I am not the only one whose children have some kind of magical ability to wreck the house in a matter of minutes (literally, ten minutes)...or maybe I'm just telling myself. At any rate, I accepted this let's see who else is brave enough. =)
Carly pulled these crackers down for Bree...who then spilled them all over the floor and then stepped on them. Those are some dishes from the play kitchen and one small frog from deep within the playroom. I think he was attracted to the pond of water Bree shook out of her sippy cup.

She's hiding most of the mess - haha I've trained her WELL!

This was the project that was supposed to be keeping Carly's busy little hands did not work for very long.

She told me that she was packing.

Bree was helping me clean. She pulled out some ironing and brought the Swiffer from WAY down the hall....

So anyway, it was crazy for Paul to come home to all of that mess, but we were so happy to see him. He played Carly's new Littlest Pet Shop go fish game while Bree screamed at Carly's computer...and I finally got to get the house straight. Fun times!

See Bree's face? Hahahaha, she was getting SO mad at that computer!

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Kim said...

My house is also a complete disaster ALL THE TIME! I usually clean up the playroom at naptime so I can work and then the rest of the house at bedtime - but JAred doesn't mind! I feel you!