Friday, November 27, 2009

While We Weren't Shopping

It took all of my willpower not to shop today. It was so hard to resist. Thankfully, Aunt Sarah and Uncle Dennis invited us to the Renaissance Festival, which helped distract me from the skipping-a-sale ache in my heart. I know it's not really a deal if you buy something you don't need, but the frugalista in me dies a little bit to pass up a 60% off sticker.

The very first 'people' we met were these trolls. Their costumes were AMAZING! The he-troll even had these giant troll feet with huge black toenails.

There are some situations to which the only appropriate response is laughter. Like when an enormous troll is sticking out his tongue and growling right in your face and his troll girlfriend is trying to club you.

We walked around for a while and saw this guy - who happens to be the World Champion Jester (that title really exists and he really won it) - eating fire.

She said, "THAT. Is NOT safe." Uncle John (in the black) and I thought Carly was so funny.

Then Carly and Lilly rode "The Pretend Dragon It Is Not Real"

And we met the queen! I almost had to just leave when the queen said "Oh, huzzah" to Carly's curtsy. It was just a little too much...but Carly thought she was super awesome.

Post-jousting, Carly got a photo with a knight. She was the only little girl in a sparkly princess dress...everyone else who was dressed up had plain tulle or glitter. Carly was like, "But why would you wear a princess dress without sparklies?" and I have to say I wondered the same thing. All the characters walking around would bow really big to Carly and for a while Carly would do a little curtsy back - it was totally cute.

Little bird perched on her nest.

Some random weird guy with a costume and a weird English accent told Carly he was going to take her snack....this was the face she made:

And then. I allowed my children to eat a deep fried Snickers bar. All the relatives that were there (Aunt Sarah, Uncle Dennis, Uncle John and Aunt Janet and their three sons) and Lilly and Joey all had a bite so there wasn't a whole lot for Bree and Carly...but still. A fried candy bar. If you want to take every single thing these girls are normally not allowed to have and roll it all up together and cover it with powdered sugar...they LOVED it.


Jess said...

A deep fried Snickers bar?? Seriously, someone makes that?

Daniel said...

They really knew how to fry a Snickers bar in the middle ages ;P Carly is super over the top hilarious

Kalyn said...

OMG.... I had to click on a bunch of photos JUST to see the faces better. Yours, by far takes the cake. I feel like I was there. OMG. It was awesome!!!!

Steph said...

this looks like such a fun day - and i totally want that snickers bar!!! :)