Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thoughtful Girl

Carly decided to outgrow all of her pants the week the weather turned cold enough that she needed a new infusion of warm clothes anyway. It was just so convenient. And awesome that I had a valid excuse to get into Target like I've been DYING to do all weekend long.

Most of the toy sales were over (not that we needed anything, but still) and nothing was on sale in the Christmas section (although it was fun to look), but luckily for us most of the clothes we were looking for were still on sale. Yay for us! So we got a couple of pairs of jeans, a couple of pairs of tights, lots of basic t's to layer and one truly awesome sparkly chandelier shirt that I secretly wish came in my size. We also picked up a bunch of summer-season clearance skirts and t-shirts (in a SIX!!!!) for less than $2 each which was SO fun for me!

I can't tell you how much fun we had trying on everything. The three-way mirror is her best friend...of course I didn't ruin the moment by explaining how the three-way mirror becomes an evil, evil experience later in life. Let's just let her believe it's always magical and fun to be able to see your front side AND your backside at the same time. That is just too much truth for me. But it's SUPER when you're four! =)

So right now my little fashionista is wearing one of her skirts that are technically supposed to be for next's brightly colored stripes...with black leggings, a pink t-shirt, her cool rainbow shoes and gloves. She and Paul are gathering supplies for us to make our own cheesesteaks for the Eagles game later. We'll be putting up our inside Christmas decorations and just hanging out, enjoying our time keeps hitting us that this is our last (fill in your event) in this house. It seems to have gone by so fast and we think that the shock will wear off soon. We have a lot of months left to enjoy this area and our friends here. =)


Brandi said...

she tries on clothes? wow.

Our Family of Four said...

I can't believe we are going to miss you in Quantico because we extended a year. Couldn't you wait 1 more year in BR? Please? Ah well we'll be there in the summer and hopefully our scheduled visit will match up with your move!

Steph said...

the three way mirror is EVIL!!!! i'm glad that little girls around the world find fun in them...but at what age do they turn into the devil??? :)

are you guys selling your house, or are you going to keep it for awhile?