Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving Eve

This is not related to anything, but I should tell you that Carly and I discovered that Target brand lotion tissues are sort of sparkly. We're big fans of sparkly.
Grammy and Poppy are here! They brought Max, aka Goggy, and he was on his very best behavior. He liked being petted and would flip over so we could scratch his belly. Every time that happened, Bree would be very worried and would say, "Uh-Oh! Goggy!"

Carly was tagging the fence.

I tried to explain to Carly that trash talking doesn't work with Chutes and Ladders.

Uncle Lynn came to have dinner with us! Bree adores him.

No he's not squishing the baby! She gives hugs like this...little tree frog. And Max is trying to work his weinie dog mind meld on me. first attempt at red beans and rice went over very well...clearly. Bree's little hand is cracking me up. She still can't see over the table so she reaches around until she finds something.

Then Bree put the Goggy to bed. She piled him up with blankets and stuffed animals. He tolerated all of it so well. We're very proud of him. =)


The Warren Family said...

Bree's tree frog hug is cracking me up! How stinking cute!!

Steph said...

I'm cracking up at Bree's hug...SO CUTE!!! And I'm glad that "Goggy" was such a good boy!!! :)