Friday, November 20, 2009

Fischers' Friday

Paul caught the cold that Bree and I had...I'm feeling better but this is Paul's worst day. He swears he has the swine flu or pneumonia and he's probably going to die from the fever...even though he doesn't actually HAVE a fever or a cough, just a runny nose that is annoying him so much he's actually walking around with a tissue in each nostril. I would laugh, but I know he just feels so bad, so I made him the kind of chicken soup that cures just about anything and he's tucked in on the couch watching Star Wars.
After dinner, Carly went to watch her Friday night movie in the playroom - she looks forward to it all week long - and Bree took a few seconds and destroyed the living room, then we played her favorite game. Carly calls it Ghost...and Bree loves it. We throw a blanket over her head and she pulls it off...over and over and over. I think she looks like ET.
Then she did a little heavy lifting...
And played noodle...this is a new game. It's lots of fun for her and not as fun for me when it's time to get into the carseat or stroller. She goes completely limp and sort of flops back over my arm. She slid out of her carseat onto the floor of the car twice this morning, which she thought was the funniest thing ever. This silly face she's making now (looks just like her sister's silly face) is exactly what she does. This kid!

Here's Bree doing a little math..."So, if Mommy paid $14.99 for these Born mary janes and they normally retail for $65...that means there was a discount of...wait, it's upside down."
Ah! I love this! Bree dug Carly's tiara out from under her bed (where it is NOT supposed to be!) adorable! I think we're extra lucky that Carly is as good a girl as she is because Bree wants to do absolutely everything Carly does. Including wearing her watch.
We popped in to say hi to Carly and then left again so she could enjoy her movie in peace. I don't know what it is about this photo, but Carly looks so big!


Daniel said...

I remember that bear stool!

Kalyn said...

I know that bedding is a tribute to me- and I love it. :) We'll just have to come back and visit- so I can see it in person!!!! ;P

McCoyFamily said...

Carly is so grown up... I can't stand it I miss you guys move back already:)