Sunday, September 20, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Elvis!

Okay, first, I need to tell a story on myself. I thought my refrigerator was dying because every five minutes it would make this buzzing groaning sounded awful and I was sure that we'd be springing for another appliance. That was not a fun thought in a year FULL of travel! Yikes! So, also? I lost my cell phone. Do you see where this is going? I had put the cell phone up on the refrigerator to keep it out of Bree's hands, and didn't know that it was a) on silent and b) had three text messages waiting. She has already managed to break the back panel to the point where it can't stay on anymore and the other day I caught her with the memory card mid-chomp. NICE. Anyway, I forgot it up if I didn't call you and I said I would, that is why. It's not because I'm THAT inconsiderate, it's because I'm THAT much of an airhead. Also, our refrigerator is running. =)
Moving on, we went to a really fun birthday party tonight! I didn't get a photo of the birthday boy, which is a shame because he is such a handsome little guy...but I did get a photo of this INCREDIBLE CAKE his mom made! Can you even stand the cuteness??? Jayme made the yummiest marshmallow it!
Bree had a fun time walking around...she went to say hi to Camryn and she was really excited, like, "Hey girrrl!" So cute.
Ah yes. Jackson and Carly. Two peas in a pod.
Happy girls on the way home...I still can't get enough of Bree in her big girl carseat. She looks so snuggly in it. =)
Chill with the leg cocked over the side. Carly asks me at least once a day when she'll be able to sit in the regular seat and not in a carseat.
We're excited for our busy week ahead! My face still sort of feels like it's going to just fall off at any moment, but at least I can open both eyes at once. That's an improvement over last night, and I'm hoping this Tylenol Sinus stuff we picked up today will help. My amazing husband wrangled our crazy little cowgirls all afternoon so I could sleep, and now we're watching King Kong. Fun times! =)

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Steph said...

that is one awesome cake! such crafty people, you and all your friends!!! :)