Friday, May 08, 2009

Still Waiting

Still no access to my hundreds of cute photos...and believe me the cuteness has not stopped! I'll start putting up links to our Kodak gallery if I can't get this issue resolved soon.

Bree: is an eating machine! And a moving machine - yesterday when I went to put her down near her toys, her little arms and legs started going back and forth before she touched the ground! So funny. We'll see on Tuesday whether her new fatty diet is helping her gain some weight!

Carly is almost done with school for the year - I can hardly believe it! She really wants to stay at school the whole day, but we're not planning to do a full day until her kindergarten year. I really can't believe how fast she's growing up. Every day I've been home this week, Carly has made her bed all by herself. It's so cute! She'll be starting swimming lessons in June, and probably soccer, too, even though I'm dreading being out on a big shadeless soccer field in the heat of the summer!

I had a great birthday! I actually spent the day at Fort Polk, LA working at a financial educational conference, but it was really fun. I got spoiled rotten and loved it - and tonight Paul and I are going out to dinner (thanks, Grandad and Grandma Louise) and a movie while one of our friends babysits for us (thanks, Jenny!). So excited! Tomorrow after T-ball we're going to the first of MANY baby showers this summer and then Sunday we're headed down to The Court of Two Sisters in New Orleans for Mother's Day. It's busy, but that's how we like it!

Paul's replacement has arrived, so hopefully soon he's be able to transition to just doing ONE job! We're trying to figure out what adventure we're going to have this summer...Daddy needs a break from always always working. There are no new triathlons on the schedule right now, but I'm sure in five months when the weather begins to cool off, he'll have a busy race schedule again!

I know words are SO BORING especially when there are so many cute photos to see....we're working on it! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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McCoyFamily said...

Hope you had a terrific Birthday!!! I love the court of Two sister's its so yummy! Have a fabulous Mother's Day and give those girls a big kis! Miss you:)